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My interest are Music, and only one Game

 I love to  play Unreal (COOP)

an oldtimer to play it with friends and have fun .

I spend to a lot time to create maps for this game

you can see my last creation below.  


Unreal forever by Rubie

    Maps created by me can be downloaded below

 link1 Caveescape-series

  link2  RTN-series

link3 OU-series

link4 strange_places  soon

link5 Rubicon-series  soon


UUnreal Gold on Windows 7, Windows 8 and 10 in high resolution another classic, released in 1998 for Windows 95/98 operating system. Although the original version of Unreal or Unreal Gold

 running fine on modern operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, it is highly recommended to update the game with the latest patch. This patch also allows for Unreal with high resolution textures.

For the best view and downloads use Firefox or Google Chrome

How to play with High  resolution textures
Make a copy of the Textures folder within the Unreal installation directory to preserve the original textures (this folder will Textures - called copy when you copy and paste the folder in Windows Explorer)
Download all high resolution texture packs
Copy the contents of all downloaded zip files in the Textures folder Unreal
Start and configure the game
When you start Unreal 227i for the first time, you will see a setup wizard. choose the OpenGL renderer or Direct3D9 for best results
Once in the game, press Esc and select Audio / Video
If necessary, choose the appropriate resolution at Select resolution
Put Texture detail on High
Put Curvy meshes True
Cast Cast shadows True
Deco puts shadows True
Put Realistic shadows on HighRes




If You dont have the game you can download it for a few

euros or dollars from this site below

Please if you instal game for first time  remember to patch the game before you use it with latest patch!

This can be found for download from the  OLDUNREAL Website This will make you able to play the game

without any error , also the MasterServers have been updated!



Below you can see a picture from new project I’m working on  the series will have three levels and new stuff shall be used

from the newest Unreal 227J version that will be available when the new coding from it will be finished, for this we all wait till our friends from Oldunreal will decide to release it, for now there is no end date announced . So we awaiting with patience all of us who love this game since 1998 and played so many hours !


For Peoples that maybe can be interested  to contribute or have Idea's for new maps they always Welcome to mail me!

Just clic contact to sent me a message with your sugestions!




                       RUBIES - FORUM